Leather pants: our tips on how to best wear them

Among the garments from the infinite modes of use, leather trousers are absolutely a super apt choice. This type of garment is in fact suitable for both formal and informal occasions, both during the day and in the evening.

It is also trendy, and can be worn to work, to go out with friends, to parties, and more. We specifically advise you to prefer black leather pants because they are easily combinable for truly top outfits . Playing with the combinations of black leather trousers and other garments, colors and fabric patterns is a style mood. You will certainly not go unnoticed with this garment.

Casual outfit : which combinations to prefer with black leather pants?

The versatility of black leather trousers makes them suitable for different times of the day. And this season’s fashion leaves ample room for the type of combination of this garment, which is currently a trend. If you want to opt for casual outfits , there are some items that you can combine with black leather pants to recreate this look.

  • The turtleneck is an evergreen garment, to keep in your closet. The high collar of the sweater gives that basic touch that allows you to combine it perfectly with a casual outfit . If you are undecided on which colors to opt for to best wear a turtleneck sweater with black leather pants, you could choose the solid color. For example, emerald green and gray look great this winter season. But don’t give up on the most sparkling colors, and also prefer horizontal striped prints and floral motifs that break a little with black, giving joy. In fact, casual does not necessarily mean sober, and you will get noticed thanks to trendy outfits .
  • The classic t-shirt with writing is now a very popular garment thanks to the spread of models with prints that show writings and drawings. Applying these prints allows the customization of the classic t-shirt, for a stylish look that at the same time respects the individuality and tastes of the wearer. In this case, black leather pants go to create a casual outfit with the t-shirt, whether worn long at the ankle or in shorts. You can wear the latter with tights to protect yourself from the cold.
  • Long coat or knee-length raincoat can make you look chic and feminine, you know how? Choose shades of beige and brown and wear it with skinny leather pants. It is an outfit for every day.
  • The military jacket creates a casual and urban outfit with leather skinny jeans . The jacket can have a military print with a classic or solid color fabric, in shades of khaki or dark green. We recommend that you complete the look with sneakers platform , which for their convenience are suitable for daily commitments in the city.

Outfit for formal events or for a party

The black leather pants can be worn to go to a party or to attend formal events. It all depends on the combinations with other garments. Here are some suggestions.

  • The biker jacket is ideal if you want to dare with a gritty and bold look. You could create an outfit total leather with black leather jacket and high-waisted leather skinny jeans . Choose shades of bright pink or electric blue if you want to opt for high-heeled sandals that enhance this outfit in the best way.
  • Fur is suitable for formal occasions in winter because it keeps you warm and is elegant. Our proposal is for coats in dark blue fur or with animal prints , such as the leopard-print one. The secret to amaze: combine fur with a pair of leather-effect trousers, and you will see that you will be cool.
  • The kimono with floral motifs is part of an eye- catching outfit but at the same time with a natural effect. If you choose a long one with floral motifs, you can be sure that the combination with black leather pants will give you a very feminine look.
  • The bralette is a garment to wear with black leather pants for a sensual style. The lingerie tops are worn with an XL blazer for a refined outfit to show off at a party.

Outfit for informal outings

Black leather trousers are also suitable for informal outings, such as those with your partner or friends. Let’s see what are the recommended combinations in this case.

  • The velvet sweater is on trend this season, and a burgundy or emerald green velvet turtleneck would be better. For skinny leather pants , the velvet turtleneck sweater is the right match for a seductive look.
  • Oversized blazers combine well with high-waisted leather ankle-length trousers for a sophisticated yet not too classic outfit . Go for a solid color blazer in pastel color or with floral prints, or even with a Prince of Wales pattern. The wow effect is guaranteed!
  • The embroidered denim jacket is a valid alternative to the t-shirt with lettering because it can be worn for informal outings. When worn with a pair of leather-effect trousers, the look created is chic but not too elegant. Choose the embroidery you like best and go with the imagination.
  • The tucked up light blue denim shirt is really cool for a casual gathering, especially when paired with leather shorts. And finally, wear black stockings and high-heeled ankle boots. An outfit to amaze!

And do you like to wear leather pants? Which of these tips do you think is best suited to your needs?

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